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Supporting Small Businesses Without Spending Money

Supporting Small Businesses Without Spending Money - photo of Ivy + Linen Design Co. desk taken by Kelsey Nelson Photography

Starting a small business takes a lot of hard work, time, and confidence, just to name a few. Then to keep it going, it requires more hard work, time, confidence, AND customers/clients! A couple of months ago I saw an Instagram post about supporting small businesses without spending any money and I loved the concept. I had never really thought about these things from a standpoint of supporting a small business, so now I try to do this for fellow small business owners and I wanted to share these ideas with you so you can do the same!

Social Media Interaction

Instagram and Facebook algorithms can be a funny thing and are ever changing, but one thing that the algorithm definitely cares about is that people are enjoying your content and posts. So, the more that people like and comment on a particular post, Instagram registers that people are enjoying that content and will showcase it more so that the post gets out to more and more people. So a simple double tap and leaving a quick comment to interact can go a long way in helping posts to have a longer lifespan and reach.

Sharing Your Experience or Product

When you receive a product you ordered in the mail, or pictures back from a photographer, or had a great experience with a wedding planner, simply sharing about that on your Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Facebook, blog, etc. will help generate interest in the product/experience and entice others to check it out. So I realize this one involves you having to have spent money at some point in time with a small business, but this action itself does not cost you anything. For example, if you go out for ice cream on a Friday night at a local ice cream shop that you love, snap a quick picture of your ice cream or the shop atmosphere and tag the location. Super quick and simple, but very beneficial for that ice cream shop because someone else may be looking for a new place to try! Plus, small business owners really like seeing their offerings in action - I know I absolutely love seeing how people are using their Ivy + Linen Design Co. products when I'm tagged in Instagram stories.

Talk About It!

Is someone looking for a wedding photographer? Tell them about your friend who owns a photography business and is currently booking 2019 and 2020 brides. Is someone interested in finding trendy new clothes from a local spot? Talk up your friend who just opened a cute boutique downtown. I could list out lots of possibilities, but just by talking to people, which most of us do A LOT every single day, you can support a small business. We may have social media and email lists and podcasts, but simple word of mouth is hard to beat when it comes to generating business.

So there you go, three tangible ways to support a small business and they cost you zero dollars! Of course, small businesses need money to survive, but that happens when they are connected with the right people. Sometimes you may not be the one in need of a particular product or service at that time, but there may be someone else that is. So by doing something as small as commenting on an Instagram post you may help connect someone to a small business that fulfills his or her need!

Thanks for all you do!


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