Looking Forward to 2019 - Goals for the New Year!

Looking Forward to 2019 - Goals for the New Year!

Yesterday we entered into a new year - even though December and January are no different than the transition to any other month, they somehow feel worlds apart. One of my favorite motivators and authors, Lara Casey, always says there is nothing magical about January 1 and that goals and action can be taken any day of the year (which I completely agree with!), but there is also something refreshing about a new year. So much excitement about the year to come and the hope and joy of starting fresh!

I think it is so important to have goals to inspire change or continue habits that really work. We are all works in progress and the new year feels like a natural time to acknowledge that. So because of that, I came up with quite a list of goals for 2019, both personal and for the business. In order to hold me accountable and encourage you to dream big, I'm sharing a few of my high-level goals for 2019 (I'll spare you all of the details) broken down into three major themes: Growth in Community, Growth in Business, and Growth in Faith.

Growth in Community

While working through my Powersheets prep, I established that my word for 2019 will be Community. As I've gotten older I have begun to understand the importance of sharing this life with friends and family and truly living in community with one another - caring for one another in times of need, showing love just because, and sharing experiences with those closest to you. In 2018, Nick and I really started seeing the fruit of community with others and I'm determined for that to continue. I find so much joy in sharing this life with others and being fully known and loved. So to continue growing in community I want to:

1) Host people in our home (dinner, overnight guests, watching a sporting event, book club, anything!) at least once a month - more would be amazing (and some months will for sure be more), but don't want to be unrealistic with travel and other plans we have, so best to set small goals and achieve those first.

2) Sign up for meal trains and find ways to love on people during new or tough seasons

3) Coffee dates and lunches with new friends and old friends multiple times a month

Growth in Business

Launching Ivy + Linen Design Co. in September was one of my greatest joys and accomplishments of 2018. However, that was just the beginning and businesses have to grow and evolve, so I have been dreaming of new ideas and ways to expand my abilities in the new year. Being an entrepreneur means stretching yourself and leaving the comfort zone WAY behind, so I'm excited to keep learning and growing through these goals:

1) Design semi-custom products and streamline the process for custom clients (wedding suites, announcements, notecards, and more!)

2) Apply for and attend several different pop-up markets

3) Teach hand lettering and calligraphy classes to meet new people and encourage others in their talents

Growth in Faith

I'm a worrier, always have been, and I like to be in control. I also always feel like I need to be doing something productive. However, I have always found that when I start my day by reading my Bible or doing a devotion I never regret it, and it allows me to slow down and not rely solely on myself. It is an ongoing process for sure! To continue growing in my faith I want to do the following in 2019:

1) Read my Bible from the beginning again, but with less rules than I did several years ago, allowing myself to go at a pace that makes sense, even if that means not finishing in a year!

2) Ask the hard questions and seek understanding from others

3) Pray with intentionality

I think 2019 is going to be a wonderful year and I am excited to set these goals in motion! I hope you have lots of big ideas and dreams for the coming year, because it's amazing what can happen when you are intentional and take it one step at a time. I'd love to hear your goals and encourage you along the way because we are in this together.

Dream big, friends!


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