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Behind the Scenes

Office of Ivy + Linen Design Co.

I couldn't decide whether to name this post "Behind the Scenes" or "A Day in the Life" because it is kind of both wrapped into one. I eventually settled on Behind the Scenes, but either way it is a glimpse into what days as a stationery designer look like for me now! I am a very routine person, so since I've started working for myself and from home, I get asked a lot about what my days look like and if I have a set routine.

I think a lot of people think owning a creative business looks like me waking up whenever I want, doing a little design work here and there, and having free time for coffee dates (sounds like a dream, right?!). Don't get me wrong, there may be a day or two here and there like that, but it is rare! I still wake up between 6 and 6:30 every day depending on whether I exercise before or after breakfast, and Nick and I eat breakfast together every morning before he leaves for work. I then take some time to read my Bible and get ready for the day so I can begin working between 8 and 9. That's about where the routine stops because beyond the first couple of hours of the day every day looks different for me now!

One of the things I love most about owning my own business is the flexibility. I can schedule appointments, lunch/coffee dates, run errands, etc. whenever I want which is so nice, but it also comes with ALL the responsibility. Along with designing during the day you will find me doing tasks related to finances, marketing (social media, content creation, research), photography (not my favorite, but still working on that!), client management, creating quotes and contracts, networking, the list goes on. Of course I have my favorite and my not so favorite tasks, but at this point in the business I'm a one woman show so I'm in charge of making sure it all gets done!

Most days I make a list of all the tasks I want to accomplish that day - and sometimes on Mondays I'll make a list for the entire week so I know what should be done by the end of the week. Then I just go down the list and try to start with the hardest things first, or rather the tasks that take up mental space that keep me from working efficiently on other tasks. Sometimes it can be hard though to shift my brain from design work to administrative tasks at different points in the day, so to better improve efficiency (I have a thing for efficiency) I think I want to start batching my days where M/W/F are more administrative days (client communication, content creation, finances, etc.) and T/Th are design days where I can truly pour myself into designing beautiful work for my clients. I've been doing some research into the benefits of this, and I think it could be so helpful for me! If you do that and have some tips, I'd love to hear! As someone who adds already completed tasks to a to-do list just to check them off, I try to remind myself each day of this wisdom from the ladies at Cultivate What Matters:

The goal isn't a perfectly checked off list; the goal is meaningful, little by little progress.

I feel like I am learning something new or challenging myself every. single. day. And it is a good challenging - like helping me grow as a designer, entrepreneur, and person in general. Even on the hard days full of comparison, doubt, and worry, it is so rewarding to know that I'm fulfilling this dream of mine day in and day out. I knew it wasn't going to be easy that's for sure, but I wasn't looking for easy, I was looking for purpose and fulfillment in how I spend every day. So whether a day consists of a workout in the morning and writing blog posts and emails all day, or instead looks like drafting design mockups for clients all morning, a midday run for a little break, and spending the afternoon pulling together quotes for new potential clients, I'm making the most of each day to keep pushing myself and my business forward.

Most days you'll find me in my office downstairs, though I've been known to switch it up sometimes for the kitchen table or the couch (which is where I'm writing this post from as we speak - it just felt right, okay?). It wouldn't be a complete Behind the Scenes post without a few current pics of where it all comes to life, so here you go!

Office Behind the Scenes and a Day in the Life of Brenna from Ivy + Linen Design Co.

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March 27, 2019

Great blog and very organized and neat office, but of course I am not surprised!

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