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Three Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

Ways to make your invitations stand out; envelope liners, wax seals, and ribbon or belly bands

You know I love simplicity, but I also love details. So sometimes I'll trade simple for a few of the extra fun things because I truly believe details can make all the difference, especially in your wedding invitation suite! Think about your guests opening the envelopes that contain the invitation to one of the most important days of your life - you want it to be an experience and a glimpse into what they can expect from your wedding day.

Some people think of an invitation as just a piece of paper, but that is so not the case! It is so much more than "just a piece of paper" because although you are fully involved in all the wedding planning, your guests are not, and it is likely the first impression they will have of your wedding day. All around, your invitations should reflect you as a couple and the event you are hosting for your big day (that's a post for another time), but if you are looking for a way to give your invitations that wow factor I've got you covered!

Wax Seals 

Wax seals are certainly wow-factor worthy! Now there are so many color and design options, and you can even get a custom wax seal made to coordinate with your suite design. And with the addition of adhesive wax seals (rather than using a traditional melted wax seal directly on your paper) there are so many ways they can be used - on place cards, menus, even on the invitation itself! I love seeing all of the inventive ways designers are utilizing wax seals in their clients' suites because no longer are they just used for sealing the envelopes.

Envelope Liners

Okay, okay, you know by now I'm obsessed with envelope liners. But it's because they are amazing! They really take the envelopes to the next level. Think about this: you really want to keep the design of your suite simple, but feel like something is missing to help it stand out the way you envisioned. Enter your new best friend, the envelope liner. You can add some personality and pizazz (did I just say that?!) to your suite by putting it on the liner. As soon as your guests open the envelope they are in for a treat, whether its a fun pattern, color, or maybe even a sketch of your wedding venue. The best part is they are a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can make a huge difference!

Ribbon/Belly Band

On average an invitation suite comes with an invitation, details card, and RSVP card with an envelope all inside the main envelope. So that's several pieces of paper that could potentially be pulled out of an envelope at random by a guest who has no idea what kind of time, effort, and thought went into the experience of pulling out the suite all together (man, some people just don't get it, do they?). Adding a ribbon or a belly band (a thin strip of paper that is cohesive with your suite to hold everything together) can ensure that the experience you had in mind is achieved! Add a wax seal on top of that ribbon and man, you have just blown Aunt Sally away with your attention to detail!

There are so many ways your wedding suite can be customized, but these three are easy ways to take the design to the next level with fun details! And better yet, we can make them all happen in your custom wedding invitation suite design when we work together - so certainly inquire about them if they catch your eye!

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